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If you suffer from eczema, there is new hope for your skin. Astion Pharma fights eczema, itching and irritation. Our creams strengthen the skin’s natural shield as an effective and gentle treatment.

Eczema is much more than a skin disorder. If you have eczema yourself – or you have a child suffering from eczema – you know better than most, how damaging eczema can be for the quality of life.

Unfortunately, many eczema sufferers only experience limited effects from existing creams. And many more want an effective treatment formulated without corticosteroid (cortisone).

This is the reason why we developed Astion Pharma. The first Astion Pharma® cream was developed in the early 1980s, as dermatologists sought a good moisturiser for children with atopic eczema.

It boosted the development of a cream that protects the skin and helps it to heal.

Astion Pharma Strengthens the Skin

Eczema can be a vicious downwards spiral where damaged skin is more prone to new outbreaks. It’s a cycle that Astion Pharma can help break.

The unique feature of Astion Pharma creams is the active substance Dermadexin®, which forms a thin, protective shield over the irritated skin. This Astion Pharma shield protects your skin from external elements and influences, such as infections. At the same time, the cream keeps up the skin’s natural moisture so that your eczema plagued skin does not dry out.

Ubeskyttet hud med eksem

Unprotected skin with eczema:
• If you have eczema, the skin’s natural barrier is broken.
• A broken skin barrier causes dry skin because the skin’s moisture evaporates.
• At the same time, the skin becomes susceptible to bacteria that cause inflammation, redness and itching.

Hudens skjold mod eksem

Skin that’s protected against eczema:
• Astion Pharma protects the skin from outside influences, e.g. bacteria.
• Astion Pharma treats eczema and rebuilds the skin’s natural barrier.
• Astion Pharma also maintains the skin’s natural moisture so that the skin does not dry out.

If you have eczema, the focus should be on rebuilding the skin’s natural barrier.

You can do this by using the products from Astion Pharma, as they rebuild the skin’s natural shield against eczema.

Astion Pharma products contain the patented active ingredient Dermadexin®.

Dermadexin® has the unique feature of both alleviating itching and restoring the skin’s natural protective barrier by applying a thin film over the irritated skin.

Astion Pharma products function as the skin’s natural shield against eczema.

Dermadexin® has Proven Efficacy

The effects of Astion Pharma products are clinically proven. The creams have been tested in a comprehensive, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicentre study of 400 patients in 7 countries:

Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, UK, Sweden and Germany. All patients suffered from moderate to severe seborrheic dermatitis/eczema.

Astion Pharma Against Eczema

Encouraged by the success of Dermadexin®, a whole series of Astion Pharma® products have been developed:

  • For the treatment of eczema: Astion Skin Cure, Astion Hand Cure and Astion Face Cure.

Astion for Daily Skin Care

After treatment with Astion Pharma, we recommend that you take care of your skin to prevent repeated skin problems. Our care products also contain the patented active ingredient Dermadexin®.

  • For intensive care of dry and damaged skin: Astion Scalp Cure, Astion Daily Repair 70% and Astion Daily Repair 40%.

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